Sunday, 12 August 2007

Cat's Wedding..

Last night, one of my good friends - Catherine Chua have change her marital status from single to MARRIED woman, to Andrew Michael Murchie. The wedding ceremony was held at Park Royal Hotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur and attended by numerous families and friends included me. I have to rushed from the office - yes we work on Saturday, to the salon just to make sure I don't have bad hair moment! Cat even called and reminded me to look presentable and gorgeous too.. As if am a psycho moron with no sense of fashion.. Tsk..Tsk..Tsk.. Surprisingly, me and partner - Nadia (I definitely not a lesbo's if that what you guys have in mind) been seated in table no.5 - near by the bride and groom. Cat might think it is funny to have us in front the stage because she know that I'm a noisy person - well it all depends on my crowd actually.. We did create big havoc - yes our table and myself as a leader, every time emcee leads the night with his scripts!

After the third main courses, Nadia and I excuse ourselves to have “fresh air”. The moment we out from the ballroom, I noticed the bride and groom walking toward us. Come on! They going to start for the bride speech.. I stopped the “Couple of The Day” and without shame ask them to wait for us before they enter to the ballroom as Nadia is still smoking. Cat are so shocked but she give in – remember this, I am among her fav friends.. Ahakss.. To cover the awkward moment while waiting Nadia to finish, I asked Nadia to hand her channel so Bride Of The Day can have one puff… Hahahaha.. The moment she walks in to the ballroom, speech by Maid of Honour - Lara, emcee by Andrew (Cat's cousin - well that man really have talents to crack all of us in ballroom with his jokes & me being me keep on 'tambah perisa' every time he open his mouth!), bride speech (well I have tears in my eyes when she start to share with us bout how much she loves her family and friends - we love you too babe!!!), yum seng ceremony ( i love this part so much!) and photo session with friends and of course - the couple of that day, suddenly the fact hit me that one of my babes will be moving to UK to be with her other half – Andrew (not her cousin, the groom!).. All this while she being my advisor and sister ( she does that to everybody that she likes - very choosy this woman!) and we create our first bond by shared the same interest - shopping, on the very first day I trained her as Programme Manager together with Monica.

Hmmmm… I lost with the memories….

Catherine, as I say farewell I know that our friendship will never end and every step that each of us takes, in courage and love, will bring us closer to that moment. I thank you for your kindness, your consideration and today I have to thank you too for your wonderful gift – a friend.
Babe, last but not least “a great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences”.