Thursday, 14 July 2011

KLM, Business Class & Jakarta

Happening title? Indeed! We are booked for KLM flight but later when we check in at KLIA, the KLM personnel have asked me whether we would like to be upgrade to MAS BUSINESS CLASS. My first reaction - "jangan nak tipu boleh tak?".. Yup, that was the words came out from my mouth. He then replied, "kalau tak nak saya kasi kat orang lain". This time I knew he is serious! I coolly replied, "yeah, why not"... To cover my embarrassment. *blush*.

I love shopping in Jakarta especially Tanah Abang and Grand Indonesia. Bumped with so many sales - Guess and Quicksilver for kids up to 80%! I hate the "macet" but we have great driver that have a great sense not to used the highway (he use the kampung road instead, thank god!).

For the first time in my life, I take the "bajai". It cost me around Rupiah 20K/ RM7.18 (fee depends on the macet and driver, you may bargain the price - in my case I have too because I can't stand to carried all the shopping bags and the worst was THE HONK! Madness!). We have no choice but to take this. But hey, it worth of experience and time. We arrived safely at our hotel in Thamrin Residence within 15 minutes, if by taxi around 1 to 2 hours. MACET! In Jakarta that consider FAST! My personal opinion, bajai is extremely enthusiastic if you willing to gamble your safety and life. I won't mind to use this service again if I'm going back to Jakarta (only in Tanah Abang area!)

Btw, my stay in Thamrin Residence only cost me Rupiah 348K /RM124.93 per night, with breakfast for 2. Affordable, clean, in the middle of all the fantastic shopping complexes and 5 star hotels and Hard Rock Cafe.

I will write and upload few picture on my next post. Very busy.

Tata for now..