Thursday, 11 August 2011

Break Fasting With ARGSians

We have 2 options either to have this break fasting at JW Marriot Hotel like usual, or having it at Al Rawsha. I persuade everyone to have it here as it is easy to parked the car and MOST IMPORTANT is they have "the mbekkkkkkk". I was dissapointed though..... Most of the foods served too cold. For break fasting they have buffet spread with adult RM50 and child (below 12) RM20. Some of the foods was not refilled and the que to get to the food was messed up. I will come again (definitely) but for the ala carte.

Anyway lets talk about the ARGSian. This time the host for the event is Suzie Akhbar and she is very patience with all the inquiries from all of us. Despite all the talks when, where and who will attend, (mind you that this happen every year involved the very same people) as usual are not joining *long sigh*. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of asking when you are not going to be there with all of us?? Hishhhh... Macam-macam ada!

We (husband and myself) are the first to arrived, followed by Chuna, Mr. & Mrs Shark, Asepa and others. The last to arrived was Farah and the clan. It is always a great pleasure to have your friends around you especially those who have been with you during your teen age.

We ate lots of meat, drank the nicest mint tea ever, smoked shisha, talked and poses infront of the camera and video cam non stop. Pffffttt...

We say goodbye to each other around 9pm but some of us continue having our desserts (durian and rambutan) at Nano house in Taman Melawati.. Tehehehe..

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Marshella Adornment In Selamat Pagi 1Malaysia!

Wooohoooo!!!! Who have thought that we are going to be in TV (I mean, that fast??)? But that's the fact! Last Saturday (August 6th, 2011 at 8.20am slot), Marni and myself was invited as the guests in the morning talk show. We got the invitation on Wednesday via FB and we was thinking "OMG, is this for real"?

I am so glad we say YES (even we are so nervous, we handle this rationally - THANKS TO ALLAH!).

Since our slot at 8.20am and we have to be there before 7.30am, Marni and myself thought it would be best if we did our make up after sahur at 5am. Even we made early preparation, we still don't have enough time!

We left the house around 6.45am, and lost 2 times before reach Angkasapuri at 7.40am! Phewwwwww... I passed by Angkasapuri (Federal highway) lots of times but who have thought that their main entrance at the back, facing the NPE highway? *rolls my eyes*

The producer greet us at the entrance and we apologies for being late, and she just smile when I informed her that we are "sesat". She then usher us to VIP waiting room *jumping around mode*. Why? Because even the artist and big corporate guest have to share their waiting room *blow the nails*. WE ARE SPECIAL - perasan! The actual story was, there is no enough space! LOL.

Taznim and Ali (the hosts) have make us comfortable, therefore we did not faint due to nervous breakdown. Taznim is very warm and gila-gila and she LOVED the accessories! Both of them have a bit of chat with us before we go on air and that have help us to remain cool during the interview.

FYI, almost all our families and friends woke up earlier just to watch us in TV! Many have gave us good feedback but the feedback I laughed most was from my Pak Long (my mom cousin brother). He said "this is the first time I saw Chi Chi in her best behaviour and being polite!" *big sigh* I must admit that I am the NAUGHTIEST in the families. Trust me, VERY! But hey, I am 30 now, I have passed the "season".

To all my families and friends, from our bottom of heart, thanks for the support. We really appreciate it... XOXO

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pesta Durian With ARGSians!

The best pesta durian ever with all your circle of friends! Well, the actual plan was for V Melur but ended up, the other classes joined for the gathering. The
first to arrived was Chuna and Mr & Mrs Shark at 5pm sharp! *hats off*

We started with 11 durians but later I have to run and get the additional of 21 durians - yes, we did the counts. Asepa and Suhaira are the Queens of Durian for real, as you hardly can see them without the durian in hand.. Asepa with her "isi kuning" and Suhaira (hmmm... lets politely say she can eat anything... LOL!)

It's been awhile that we did not see each other so when the opportunity came, we all talked non stop! There was no awkwardness at all among us and best part we felt like 17 (but in my case with Ariannna tag along, I felt like my age - masih sedar diri...).

I am blessed with the helps from all especially to Asam aka Marni to make this gathering successful. Asam was the one who bought the mangosteens and the drinks. Mr & Mrs Shark for the pictures (yup they are the photographer part 1) and lovely cakes and biscuits, ID for all the "makanan kudap2", Asepa for being "photographer part 2", and the rest of the gang helps on finish up the fruits..

Nano came with Mr. Jackie C, EJ was send by her husband but she have dismissed them (gila brutal)and Wilayah was the last to arrived with husband and her four children.

KLM, Business Class & Jakarta Part II

Ha.. I did not bring my camera for this trip + not feeling well to give all the poses.. This picture credit to Kak Aida.