Wednesday, 14 December 2011

This Date 4 Years Back....

This date four (4) years back I officially became Mrs. Azhan. We been going out for eight (8) years before decided to tie the knot. My husband in our early days was very funny (and still) and understanding. Enough said, we complete each other despite all the different we had - I love shopping, he is not (however he always accompany wherever I go even it will takes hours - there was once upon a time I started shopping from 10am until they have to chase me out because they are closing). Ahhhh... What a wonderful memories.. He loves hip hop and has his own group, I AM NOT! Clubbing is okay but not performing and rapping in front the audience. His nick was (or still?) SureRock. Tehehe.. I know, very funny right? But hey, that is MY HUSBAND and I don't care what he called himself as long as his not using my name. That's weird!

Anyway Mr. Husband, if you ever stumble on this blog of mine, I want you to read this -
No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Thank you for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend. Happy 4th Anniversary! I love you..

Monday, 5 December 2011

Jakarta Bandung Jakarta

My second time actually. I never fancy to go there due to the "macet". But this time it was different (the "macet" is still there of coz), I have to go for Marshella fabric hunting and settle my family business. Pippa, Adah and Su joined me for this trip. They just started the business and need my advice for the best deal in town and what to buy. So we booked the tickets. Unfortunately, Su haven't checked her passport expiry date properly and we have no choice, but to leave her behind (she renew the passport and get on the next plane to Jakarta). Very high spirit girl!

We have tied schedule during the stay. Travelling between Jakarta, Bandung, Jakarta is not an easy job. We slept few hours a day, little rest but at the end this was a successful trip - at least for me. I did not bring camera so all the pictures credit to Adah and Su. They love to take the pictures.

Food are super great and yummy! We ate Iga Panggang few times, Nasi Goreng Seafood, Ikan Gurami Goreng Berlado, Pisang Ijau for the dessert and many more delicious Indonesia kuih.

There was one incident I hate during my stay which should never happen. I was cheated by one shop assistant which I have asked him to buy the starter SimPati sim card. He has mentioned that the starter kit in Jakarta is Rupiah 55k (MYR19.36). Without having second thought I gave the money. After he passed me the starter kit, I was so curious on the credit value I had in the sim card (Rupiah 5k) and found out that the starter kit actually cost only Rupiah 10k. I came back to the shop to clarified with the boy. He is not there. I came back again after 2 days (I have a trip to Bandung the next day). Don't ever think I will forgive and FORGET easily ya.. It's not about the money but principle.

The boy denied and even pestered me to follow him to the shop. I am not interested to be lied twice. He even dare me to get the rates mentioned by others (Rupiah 10k) and if I managed to buy with the price he will pay me "4 lipat" - wah cakap besar pulak tu! You cheat my money and now you want to pay me 4 times if I get the sim card? Hmmm... I then walked to the nearest shop to get the actual price and most of the shop and people I interviewed said the maximum for the kit was Rupiah 15k. I buy the sim card and get the bill. To cut it short, he pay me Rupiah 45k (not 4 lipat as promise- memang dasar penipu).

I totally understand that they are poor but it should NEVER be the reason to cheat people. Duit haram is always haram. No excuse.

Apart of that, I FINALLY managed to met with Aas (my ex colleague manager in Promark) and Sanjay in Plaza Indonesia. I've notice almost 90% of the women at the shopping complex wore 5inch heels, carried all the designer handbags, thick make up, and have a nice hair. Aas said it is a normal view in Plaza Indonesia and it is rare to see women with flat sandal and no make up. Even on SUNDAY! Huh? I was also informed by Aas that all the branded goods are having the sales. Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo and Louboutin on 50% off! *double pengsan* Why me??? Why now, when I have all the errands that I have to gave the prioritize?

Let's browse the pictures lah..