Friday, 24 June 2011

Al's Wed

We are very busy last week. Al's wedding (Marni's brother), our Marshella, works, kiddos not to mentioned my husband birthday! See.. That's why we are so called SUPERWOMEN!

Anyway, we was at Marni's parents house when I knew that we are so late (not by one or two minutes but more to half quarter hour!). Makcik2 with their clothes, tudung, make up.. Adoi.. Otw to the event, Marni suddenly clasp her forehead and start cursing. I've asked her what's wrong? "Aku tertinggal memory card camera inside laptop"! Now I feel like cursing too! We are infront of Ampang Point's traffic light. The event at Taman Melawati. We already so late (not to mentioned the last car out from the house), and her parents house is not near either. *BIG SIGH*

I did what I am best at - F1 speed. Don't blame me. I rather have the ticket from Abg Polis than listen to Marni's dad lecturing.. Even the stares can make my knees weak okay (her dad is cool but when this kind of things pop up, you better run..

The Nikah went... Err.. Well? There are few stories but I don't think it's appropriate to mentioned it here. "Biar mereka dan keluarga mereka yang tahu".. We thought that we are late but man, the Kadi and Pengantin (not to mentioned the bride clothes lagi lambat)..

Marshella Photoshoots...

Phewwww... It's not easy to gave those poses okay.. We have to do it for our Marshella Adornment advert insertion in "yet to be name mags" for this August issue. Can't wait!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Panda Eyes.............

Last night I slept at 1am (after having 2 small babies, I consider that as very very late). We have to finish Marshella’s stuffs for this Friday and Saturday photos shoot. I despised “dateline”! Since almost 80% of the accessories are hand made by me and Asam (yup, only 2 of us because we are very particular on the workmanship, details and quality), we have to speed up the production by sacrificing our workday evening rest (after office hour till midnight). FYI, both of us are professional in our fields however due to our deepest love and passion in accessories and fashion, we don’t mind sacrifice the time. I have few pictures on the latest design (this is for Eid Fitr collection and the photos shoot) and I am very sure Asam will kill me if she finds out that I wear one of the sample today… Shhhhhhh….

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm Back!!! This Time Is For REAL!

Tehehehe... I know, I know... But I am seriously busy with my family (oh yes, I have new bundle of joys name Aariz Jihadi now 8 months old) + work + businesses.... I will try harder to write as much as possible. Tata for now.