Thursday, 24 November 2011

How Do I Keep Myself Slim?

Many people asked me how I keep myself slim as I'm a mother of TWO. I did not practice any diet. I eat as much as I want but I always make sure I did not take my drink while I'm eating (except if tersedak lah). I will only drink water 45minutes after I finished my meal. I did not exercise regularly (if you consider shopping as part of exercise regime, then you can count me in). I worked more than 20 hours a day. 11 hours at my office + 4 hours for Marshella and 5 hours for my babies and husband. 4 hours is for me to get my rest. I woke up at 5am to 5.30am every morning as my son will wake me by playing with my nose, ears, hair and will not stop doing that until I open my eyes and bring him out from my room or he will start to scream his head off (that is the final call). My usual practice is to take him to our living hall and play with him while watching the tv until Kak Ana (my household manager aka helper) take over by 6.30am.

After that, get ready to go to the office, work work work, go home, spend few hours with Marshella business - 95% are handmade, in between pay attention to my family and then go to sleep. I guess that also play part. Being a women, I take my mom advice seriously especially when I'm pregnant and "berpantang". I never skip my J&M (jamu and majun) no matter what, even until now. It helps me to reduce the weight within 14 days during "pantang" and shape back my figure within 60days. Yup, I had my 100days "pantang".

During my first time "pantang" I had difficulty on choosing the right food. All are dry but my mom very understand on my appetite - I MUST HAVE GREEN in my meal. No compromise. So she let me have my broccoli and carrot. Hehehe.. Some of my aunts and "mulut kepoh" condemned my preference to have vege with my meal as they said all the vege is "angin and sejuk". Being me, I never bothered. On my second "pantang", I take full in charge on my menu. I had my "sup ayam kampung with vege, liver or meat black pepper style, "daging kunyit" and "nasi panas-panas". As for the breakfast, I take half boil eggs and bread. I recovered faster than my first "pantang" and with no "bentan" (I "bentan" few times on my first).

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fashion Valet Turns ONE!

We have received invitation from Asma' - Fashion Valet Head Buyer for this event. Event was held at The Stage, Publika Solaris Dutamas on November 16, 2011. FV has collaborated with Miss Universe Malaysia to walk on the runway with all the designers creations under their umbrella (and Marshella Adornment is one of them - weehooo) and emcees for the night are the popular duo of Ben & Phat Fabes from FlyFM.

There are plenty of well known designers showed up to give their support such as Syomir Izwa, Melissa Indot, Mimpi Kita trio, Gallo's owner, AzuraAzwa duo and many more.

The best part of the event, my sister has met up with her long lost Renong friend - Kak Mira aka!

Great crowd and fashion show even we are kind of lost on the event programs.

Anyway, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO FASHION VALET and we wish you all the best in the future! XXX

Marshella Adornment In!

Wooohoooo!!! Yes, you read it right - we have take one more step by joining Fashion Valet family. Let's the picture do all the talks.

Too Quiet...

It was quite awhile that I did not update my blog. Extremely busy with my family, work and Marshella (oh ya, Marshella is my latest business I shared with my bestfriend, Marni). To be honest, I dont think 24hours are enough to run my life chores, but I make do with the time as best as I could.

Within these 3 months there's lot of things happening. Great news, bad news, challenge that I have to face to bring Marshella Adornment to where we are at the moment (and I still have plenty to do though). It has make us strong, tighten my relationship with my other half, parents, siblings and friends and most important is to ignore all the negative remarks and vibes that was created by people who love to screw up people life.

I have talked about Marshella Adornment before this and I would like to share it again. Marshella Adornment is the home of more than beau accessories. We sell pearls, semi precious stone bracelet/bangles, earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants. All are handmade and we even have the customize service as well. You can just give us the idea of your preferences of stone and design, we are going to try to fulfill your dream. We also provide fixing service for your old accessories so you may give a new look to your favourite items.

Since Marni and myself love pretty things and fashion, we are going to expand our business to the next level - clothing. So we are going to launch this very soon. I have plenty of ideas and strategies for us in the future. Hopefully thing goes well. We have done the baby steps, now is about time for us to go BIG! Insyallah. Please pray for us. XXX