Monday, 30 April 2012

Happy Labour Day!

From me XXX

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Marshella Adornment

Jewellery by Marshella Adornment is meant to enhance and amaze. Every handmade piece of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are tailor-made to compliment one's personality and be the life of the party.

Marshella Adornment is the brainchild of Marni Susita Masrial and Hashella Alias. For the best friends, their shared passion for jewellery invokes them to delve the world of accessories. Experimenting with various gemstones and techniques of jewellery making for five years, they officially launched their exclusive brand in 2011.

Since its inception, the duo has their hands full with a growing collection of jewellery from semi-precious and precious stones of tigers-eye, turquoise, amber, amethyst, pearls, the rare lapis lazuli and other dazzling gems. Classic Malay names such as Rimbun, Seri, Rupawan and Sempurna is given to each detailed handmade jewellery, aligned with their vision of making a Malaysian brand that is a household name and instill the confidence of Malaysians in locally made products.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cinta Version Birthday Girl and Nadia!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... This was taken by my nephew, Isyraq, using my sister Blackberry. We was celebrated my belated birthday on Friday 16, 2 days after my birthday. As usual our birthday celebration is for a week! LOL!

Monday, 23 April 2012


Like Father Like Son

Last night we bring Aariz to cut his hair. My husband ended up with the same look. When we came back from the salon, Arianna really taken aback by my husband new hair and she started to scream and refuse to be near him. She called her daddy, MONSTER. She even put a piece of paper on top of her face + close her eyes when her Daddy is at home.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Zoo Negara

Muka dah boring (this should be the last picture)

Arianna new "accessories". She wore the medal EVERYWHERE!

Aariz & Arianna busy eating.

Tasik Tunku Abdul Rahman aka Tasik P. Ramlee (alah yang dalam film Masam Masam Manis)

"Mommie, look elephant!", said Arianna

Resting before continue our small journey

Aariz still eating.

Extremely busy off late and we need to focus on Marshella new brands + Arianna first sports day (I will write later).

We went to the Zoo Negara this morning despite had late nights for the past few days. While we are out from our house main entrance, we saw my dad in the mid of his daily routine - jogging. We stop the car for awhile so my dad can say hi to my kids. Arianna as usual throw herself to my dad (they are very close). My dad has his own club (Kelab Pencinta Atuk) and they practically has a theme song. All his grandchild loves and really attached to him, my son was not in the club, yet. Hehe.. I shall say that Aariz is a very observant child.

We reached zoo around 9.30am. Only my husband and myself have to pay for the entrance (MYR40 for both of us and the kids below 3 is absolutely free). I must show my MyKad to the counter personnel to prove that I am Malaysian. Price for the expatriate is different compared with Malaysian. Basically they have different kind of fees - weekday, weekend, normal entrance or plus with the Taman Rama-rama, etc).

Anyway, I am so glad we did proceed with the plan as our kids (or the parents?) are so HAPPY watching the animals live. We had to skipped the 11am show as the excitement only lasted for 1.5 hours before the tantrums blow.

*picture taken using my Blackberry.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hashella & Ikat

Get the same look at

Marshella Adornment Dasi Long Pearl necklace, Molek Stud earrings, Ikat.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Showing Big Belly Is The New "It" Thing?

Astagfirullahalazim! You may HATE me when I say this out loud but "if you are a XXL size please don't show off the belly"! I can see the whole thing lah women! What make you think 'that' thing is sexy is beyond my imagination. Sorry guys, but this attire is a no-no in my corporate world. There is a big mirror in front of the elevator door. I can't look anywhere but straight to her belly. My 2 cents worth of advice, get a decent clothes for your office attire or you might ended up in someone blog, fb or twitter. Teheehe..


Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Blues?

Still demam and got the MC but guess what? I still go to my office. Ok ok. I know. I need a proper rest. This is the reason why my seat is highly paid. Manager aka kuli like me, hardly take leave or MC. We are too afraid to leave the office. No jokes! It's not going to happen when I'm in charge. Every end of the year my boss have to chased me to clear the annual leave & I always ended up carry forward my 5 days . That is to share with you how busy and committed we are towards the job (or is it me only?).

There is one time my mom sarcastically told my friends and family "if I'm not around, the company can go bankrupt". I always treat the company like my own. I admit that I work too hard. What to do? It's run in the blood!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sick, Porridge & Chanel

Pardon me. I'm sick. I have plenty to share but my fingers just refuse to obey me. You see, my brain told my body to take a rest but my body doing it otherwise. In the end my body have to taste her own medicine. *cried*

So I rang my hubby to buy me a porridge and while waiting for him, I watched Coco Chanel movies. I always love to watch the American & French versions. It is sad to watch Boy died and how lonely she was after that. Coco (her real name Gabrielle) is my idol. I admire her determination to success and how talented she is in fashion.

lAmerican version

la version fran├žaise

You may read her full story here RIP Madam Gabrielle "CoCo" Bonheur Chanel... (19 August 1883 - 10 January 1971).

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shida Yaacob in Memory

Just read a sad news in Glam FB. Shida Yaacob passed away on 11th April 2012 after a two year battle with leukemia. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. Al Fatihah.

I will NOT upload her picture as a way to show my respect to the deceased and her family.

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Let me share with you how I motivate myself. I always dream BIG, talks BIG, act BIG (ask my sister and she will tell) and imagine myself as a successful person. Whenever you believe that you are "that" person, automatically you turn to be "that" person. So take control and start make the changes, because only you can make it happen!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Arianna's 1st Sports Day!

This morning we received pamphlet from Arianna's kindergarten for her FIRST sports day! Mommie are so excited with the news! I have FBed to all my family and BFF that they MUST attend to give morale support + the colourful pom pom.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Earthquake in Indonesia!

I just felt the aftershock in my house. Lasted for a minute. It is a magnitude of 8.9 strikes off Indonesia's Acheh province, triggering a tsunami warning! Ya Allah, lindungilah kami. Amin.

Update at 6.50pm - Another tremor felt at my building.

Karaoke at My Sister Place.

So we went to my sister house to had our lunch. I cooked kari telur ikan, ikan keli masak asam pedas, mixed vege, telur masin and she cooked ayam ketup, bishop nose - goreng, daging with kacang panjang, kerang masak tumis bawang, cecah kicap and few other dishes which I can't recalled.

While having my lunch, my nephew, Abang Adik (we used to call him Adik but since the day I'm gave birth to Arianna he wanted to be called Abang) asked if I wanted to karaoke. Immediately I said yes and told him to wait until I finished my lunch. Wooopppyyy..Free karaoke! And they have my fav song, Beribu Sesalan. Not bad!

After finished my food, I start to asked the microphone, and you know what did Abang Adik and my sister gave it to me? The tv remote control! Insane! All this while they sang using that as a "microphone"! I am speechless.. Where this 2 people come from?? The most craziest part is they sing the song with their whole heart. Hmmmm... I did asked my eldest nephew, Isyraq (Abang Adik's brother) to take the picture as an evident. Will post it as soon as possible.

Latest update at Friday 13th April 2012 12.23pm - I can't upload the picture as she (you know who) had threaten me not to do it. Sorry guys.. In the future if she done the crazy thing again I will use my handphone instead.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My best therapy - Arianna & Aariz

I always try to call my kids whenever I'm not busy doing my works in the office. 5 minutes talking and singing to my kids mean a lot to me. Just to hear their voice and the fights they had with each other (both wants to speak to me) really make my day. All the stress gone. The best therapy ever (beside the retail). Mommie loves both of you Double A! XXXX

Monday, 9 April 2012

Kaus & Ikat

Finally and proudly Marni and myself can announce, our 2 new clothing brands Kaus & Ikat, will be released on 23rd April 2012.

Here is the sneak peek of our clothing brands.

My Sunday Activities

My special recipe - cecah kicap

0700 - Aariz woke up
0705 - Arianna pulak woke up as Aariz will tickle and force her.
0710 - Kids bath time
0720 - Breakfast for my kids
0740 - Basuh pinggan mangkok, bottles
0755 - Clean my house
0815 - My turn to mandi
0840 - Drive to mom house
0850 - Go to wet markets (yup, you read it correctly, MARKETS!) with my mom and sister
1030 - Sampai rumah
1040 - Sorted all the chickens, fishes and vegetables
1050 - Start to cook the lunch - sup ayam pencen, kerang masak tumis halia, my special kicap recipe (I upload the pic here, TERLIUR!)
1100 - Aariz nap time - Mommie must be next to him...
1200 - Finish cooking
1250 - Lunch with my kiddos and hubby
1310 - Clean my table and living room (yet again)
1320 - Basuh pinggan mangkok
1330 - Lepak with my kiddos (errr.. Mommie watched her tv and kids with their toys, Little Einstein and flowers (Arianna's new hobby)
1340 - Bring kids to Bukit Taman TAR - tengok monkeys, and then off to my mom place.
1440 - Hubby ajak balik
1500 - Reached home, feed the babies with susu
1510 - Basuh botol
1520 - Played with my kids
1600 - Nom! Nom! Nom! Tea time. Bananas & choc cake
1630 - Kemas the living room, again. Hehe.. Ada small kids kena selalu clean up.
1700 - Kids bath time
1710 - Aunt Marni came with apam jagung
1730 - Early dinner with Aunt Marni and kids
1800 - Little Einstein for kids, some reality show about weight programme for Mommie & Aunt Asam (and my hubby)
1900 - Bed time for Aariz (his sleeping time)
1930 - QT with my family - watching tv with Arianna, hubby with his games (we in the same living room)
2020 - Arianna fell asleep next to me and her Mommie continue layan Lagenda Budak Setan and once in awhile change to Anugerah Berita Harian and other channels
2200 - Lagenda Budak Setan habis, continue watching Kung Fu Panda at my room, it only took me 5mins before ZzzzzzZ...

The end.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jakarta & Price Hike Rally

Us in Soekarno Airport waiting for our flight..

The result of our shopping spree..

I am contemplating whether should I proceed my trip to Jakarta or cancel it. My hubby and Asam keep on getting to my nerve by saying, just stay, DON'T GO!!. Your life is more important than the errands. Which is true but having a hectic schedule I can't afford to take more leave. For your information, beside being a wife, mother of 2 and daughter to a very understanding parents, I am a Programme Manager for an established international world class hotel chain (Perghhh.. Dear Mr Managing Director(s), kindly pay me double for the statement - hehe..) + Managing Director of Marshella (which currently are going to launch 2 new clothing brands in this middle of April). I am really busy.

So I proceed with the trip. Ya Allah, please bless our trip.

The rally was "that" bad, REALLY BAD! I was informed by my hubby that in Malaysia the TV station did not revealed the whole incident like my description (we update each other through WhatsApp) but in Indonesia we was fed by the "real" scenario. It was TERRIBLE to watched the "mahasiswa's" be beaten, live on TV (diorang ni pon satu, ikut perasaan sangat). There was few incident, the police shoots to the protesters.

I have a very short trip, 3D2N but I can't wait to be back on the second day. This time my luggage weight is 50kg only (most of my trip I upgrade 70kg for 2 pax). I enjoyed the shopping but not whole heartedly. I am worried about our safety. Luckily enough our hotel is near by with Tanah Abang (and the rally spot). Memang bahaya, but this new hotel location not as bad as my previous stays.

On our last day, we went early to the airport. We arrived around 1pm (our flight at 8.30pm). So many obstacle happen during this trip. I asked my sister to upgrade my luggage through online and she tried to do it many times but not avail so when I check in my flight, I was informed that no luggage was upgraded. WHAT??? You must be joking! How on earth I am bringing back this 6 bags (with cheaper rates?).

Great mind think alike, before I contact my hubby, he rang me. "Yang, your sister tried to upgrade your luggage and failed". I already figure that out. Not a good news, of course. I walk to Air Asia office to do the upgrade and later found out I have no enough Rupiah. Ok, now I am really upset. Total for 50kg is IDR290k (MYR97.73). I have IDR100k. If I want to pay using MYR currency they asked me to pay MYR126 (I just love numbers). I asked them the nearest money changer and for the third time in this trip I change my MYR money. It is enough to pay the luggage fee and we still have over IDR240k to spend. Yeayyyyy (not!).

We ate our lunch and after that Pippa insist we "lepak" at JCo. She craving the sweet doughnut (she actually love spending my money to the last bit). After "lepak" 2 hours in JCo, I am getting bored. So I told her why not change the "lepak" venue at our usual cafe, upstairs.

This is when a couple coming to us and asked if they can borrow our money? We only have MYR100+ and IDR100k+ in our hand. Enough to survive until dinner and for our Malaysia transport fees. I told them that was the only money we had. They said they only have ATM and credit cards (which can't be used in Indonesia as they didn't inform their bank). Never knew they have to pay levi to go out from Indonesia. This is their first time. I suddenly recall their faces immediately. They stayed in our hotel! No wonder looks familiar.

Without hesitate we give them them the money and we only left with MYR19. Enough to take bus to KL Sentral. They thank us may times and asked my contact number. I gave my number but did not asked theirs. Their flight at 8pm. They said they will bank in immediately once they reached KL. I said no worries.

Exactly at 11.45pm (once arrived in the airport), I received sms from the couple. Thanks us again and ask our bank account. We replied next day and within 10 mins they bank in our money.

Remember I wrote that this trip is full of obstacles? Yup, this is the best part. We was stop by Malaysia Custom and they asked us to declare the luggage's worth. F***! Before getting our luggage's, few times Pippa asked me to separate the 6 luggage's to 2 trolleys. Being lazy as usual, I said no. We ended up in their office for 45mins. I stubbornly said I will not paying any of the tax. They never put up any proper signage that quite number of items will be tax impose. From asking us to pay MYR300 (10% from the MYR3000 worth) and later was reduce to MYR150, MYR100 and lastly MYR50). I still said NO!

Pippa being Pippa, not up to the argument. She quietly said that she will pay the tax. I roll my eyes with this girl. Fine, I told her get the receipt as I am not going to pay any non sense "duit kopi".

To cut this short, we safely arrived home at 2am in HUNGRY mode. Hehe.. My hubby being very sweet, he "tapaw" us Nasi Arab (lamb for me, chic for Pippa) and we felt loveeeed..