Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Interview by RTM Part Deux

I haven't prepare much for this interview because we just move in and so many things we need to buy. We had short notice for the interview so we do what we are best at - we do nothing. LOL! My clothes for the tv interview is the normal clothes that I wore everyday. Nothing extravaganza (some people go OTT just because they will be in tv). Less is always more to me. I just want to be myself. What you see is what I am. Everyday. Err.. Minus the hair. I like my hair to be immaculate during interview.

FYI, the interview was at 2pm and I still go to my office (we are working on Saturday because we are awesome manager like that *__*). So rushing but everything is under control. Asam is being the best partner ever by taking control all the necessary preparations. I love you Asam!

The interview went well despite it's our first day puasa. It took 2 hours and 40 mins for less than 3 mins on air. Phewww.. Not easy. Many people thought that I will have nervous breakdown but let me share you this - I NEVER HAVE THOSE FEELING EVEN DURING MY JOB INTERVIEW! My dad always gave the same advised and I can repeat it with my whole heart (whether for my job interview, school singing competition or public speaking and this apply for my exam week too) well prepared and JUST BE MYSELF. I follow the advice until now. It comes naturally when PR/public speaking/talking involves. I guess I am born to be a PR person.

Marshella is now expanding and we are in the mid of getting our brand to Asia Pacific, Europe and Australia market. Hopefully all our hard work paid off 3 years from now.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Interview by RTM.

This interview was today at 2pm!
Oh ya, my top is from Kaus by Marshella and the beautiful necklace is from Marshella Adornment.

Full story coming soon!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I Am Hashella. Hashella I Am.

Someone asked me this morning what is the craziest thing I ever done in my life (a lot?). However there was one particular incident that my sister, Asam and Pippa like to teased me until today. I jumped out from a moving car because I saw nice blouses at pasar pagi in Bandung! Don't laugh! Every girls has their own "moment". I practically run to the "gerai". Well, the only thing I said to Pippa and my sister (without looking back) was, "what colours do you guys want?".

Of course the driver have to stop somewhere (far from the scene - malu to be seen with silly bunch of girls?) and Pippa have to get out from the car to find me. She then become more crazy than I am. Great fabric quality and the price is very cheap Rupiah20k (only MYR6.80). Oh ya, I shop 10 pcs blouses with various colours within 10mins. Yup. My name is Hashella and I am a speed
shopper. =)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Abang Adik In ICU

Abang Adik was admitted on Tuesday night as he has difficulty to breath even after taking 1 and half neubulizer in the clinic. After an hour, he cried as he felt heavy in his chest and again can't breath. My sister immediately rushed him to Pantai hospital.

What make me upset was, my sister had informed his teacher via sms (his insist to go to school on Tuesday even he is not well) that to call her if Abang Adik condition is getting worst. She never do that and to make thing worst he was FORCED to do Senaman 1Malaysia even my nephew has informed the teacher that he is not well. Can you imagine, a teacher behave that way? *I AM SO MAD*

When my dad fetch him, he was weak, body slump, can't walk, let alone carried his school bag but his friend accompany him to wait for my dad. Hey, both of this children is 8 years old! They have more sense than the bloody teacher!

Oh, I got to know about my nephew condition from Asam (she is working with my sister) on Wednesday morning. Immediately I called my sister to get the whole story. I can't work as my mind was with my nephew. I am very close with both nephew as I used to take care of them when they are babies. I then Skype my boss to get permission to leave early but as usual I only leave the office by 5.30 when I know my team in the "safe zone" and of course I have to follow ICU visit schedule. I am so blessed that one of my staff send me to the hospital and she dropped me in pasar malam as I wanted to buy some food for him and my sister. Sate, pita kebab, rojak buah, tau foo fa and colour books for my child.

When I arrived, he still with the oxygen support and have all the wires with him and very quiet. I really sad as he is an active child. Luckily he have the appetite to eat the chicken sate. He was bored as no tv in ICU. I open my daughter cartoons file in my laptop (Little Einstein) and he is so happy.

Later I told my sister I want to go to school and give my piece of mind to the teachers and principal so it wont happen again. By the way this is not the first time things like this happen to my nephew. Plus with the new incident this is the THIRD that my nephew get admitted as the teachers failed to inform us on his condition even they has been reminded by my family members.

Get well soon Abang Adik! Ocu will visit you again this evening.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Marshella at Megan Embassy!

We just rented an office space for Marshella Adornment at Megan Embassy! Alhamdulillah!

Friday, 6 July 2012

My New Hat

This is what happen when you have a manager like me in the office, especially on Friday. LOL!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Jakarta Oh Jakarta

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Errr that was part of Marshella errands that I need to fulfill and also meeting up with Indonesian designers for the collaboration + family business. It's only me and my sister for this trip. Short yet accomplished our mission. Am I right sister?

We reached Jakarta around 8.50am (local time), straight to the hotel to dumped our bags (my sister was so worried someone stole her LV bag but I assured her that no one will want her bag (lie is needed at that time because she will delayed my shopping schedule).

So we start our shopping at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. This is my yearly activities as every July they had sales, especially Quicksilver, Roxy, Guess (all for my babies) and other medium brands. I was quite disappointed this time no sales for the high end brands. *BIG SIGH*

As usual we were so caught up with the shopping, we forgot to eat. No wonder I feel dizzy and exhausted. It's 3.30pm (Malaysia time) and our last meal was at 7am (toast and half boiled eggs). MADNESS! Since we buy a lot of things, I suggest that we go back to our hotel, have lunch and rest before coming back again. I am so relieve when my sister agreed (I have a Plan B if she against my idea).

We went back to the hotel area, take our lunch, rest at our room while browsing what we bought so far, watched the indon tv programme and all of sudden, my sister yawned and asked if she can have her NAP! That nap last for 2 hours before we started to go out again near our hotel to find food.

The next day we woke up early, had our breakfast and straight to Tanah Abang. We start from LSG until 1st floor and we already bought so many things and I can't carried the bags anymore. SO HEAVY! There were so many good bargains and cheap items along the way and I have to convinced my sister that we already exceed our limit off the day. Imagine this - each of us carried 3 full of garbage bags. So big until we blocked the shopping alley! She still (me too) bought things on the way down to main entrance because we caught so many "obral" signs that to good to resist.

We took bajai (very handy for the crazy "macet") and all our shopping bags seems to covered all the small space.

Like the day before, we had our lunch (Iga Bakar), rest for awhile and go back hunting few items in Grand Indonesia and also met up with the local designers. Then walked to Thamrin City for another shopping tour. We settle down quite early around 4pm (local time) and later found out one of my pants zip was spoil *BIG SIGH*. Walk again to Thamrin City at 5.30pm and very upset to learn that the shop is close. Aiya..

Since our flight on Monday 3.45pm, I have suggested to my sister that we go again Tanah Abang to get few items that was requested by a friend of mine. She just looked at me and give me "the look - I know you are crazy but not this crazy". I told her only for awhile and bribe her with the idea of her exotic batik jacket that she crave for so long (hehe..). I put limit for this crazy last minute shopping, only for an hour. We made it with a bang! Why bang? Because my sister got all her exotic jackets and I managed to get my friend items and colourful batik bolero's.

Took the bajai, put all the shopping items inside the bags, check out and straight to the Soekarno Hatta Airport. We arrived at the airport around 12.45pm and left with Rupiah 22000. Enough to buy 2 Rotiboy and no drink. I tell my sister that we need to zikir to "hilangkan dahaga". She keep on laughing. Not funny.

Oh ya.. During the check in bags, we smell something awful, and later found out someone past motion in the airport. My sister look at me with her straight face and said, "only in Indonesia".