Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Weekend With Loves

Arianna Is Turning Four!

Princess can't stand the crowd and noise

Cousins and Asam siang the Midin

Us at Delicious

Arianna with her cousins

Just came back from KL, for my daughter birthday and prepared all the goodies bags and presents for her and adik + party at school. Tired but worth it. 

I arrived home around 12 midnight. Kissed Arianna and Aariz even they sound asleep. Suddenly my son wide awake and when he saw me, he cried for an hour! He also refused to drink the milk. He is actually telling me that he is merajuk because I'm not there for a month. Mommie have too Adik...  

My schedule during the short trip is very pack! 

On Saturday I picked up my kids presents (online shopping is fun!), buy party packs for Arianna's school, tapaw lunch with hubby at Saba Setiawangsa, cooked for my family and friends,  lepak at my sister place, go home than lepak at my mom place, cooked dinner for my Mak Lang and family (you can see above picture, my cousins and Asam "siang" the Midin vege that I bought from Miri). Out for a while with Asam and my cousins for our "SPECIAL MISSION" at Ampang Point and head back to my house.

Sunday was super crazy. Go to wet market with my mom, Kak Ana and kids. This is my standard errands whenever I'm in KL. Bought chickens, fishes, veges for 2 weeks supplies. Then dropped my mom at her house, someone from Cake Frosting send the birthday cake for the school party, bersiap for our breakfast at Danielle's cafe, however they are closed on Sunday so my husband suggest us to go to Delicious at Dua Residence. Great idea I love the food and ambiance. Not many people during the brunch (we arrived arround 11.20am). We go with 1 car.  I left mine at my mom house. My dad, mom, nephew, niece, my husband, Arianna and myself. I didn't bring Aariz because it was his sleeping time. 

After the brunch, my dad dropped us off at our car and we straight send Arianna home so we could buy groceries for our house and then continue hunting few items for Arianna'a party packs. Go home, I straight prepared the finger foods for my family as we are going to have small yet intimate birthday celebration for Arianna and last minute get a cake for her. Sorry darling, Mommie lupa! With all my family and friends gathered at my house, some of us continue the celebration at my house pool. Kids just love the new pool slide! My boy cried when Kak Ana get him out from the water. Such a drama boy.

Monday morning was another hectic day. Prepared Arianna to school, get all the party packs (70 bags and it's heavy because I put the air kotak also), get the 1.5kg cakes down, finger foods, run to the bank for a while to cash my cheques, dropped by to my mom's house to salam with my parents, head back home to fetch Kak Ana and Aariz and straight to Arianna's school. The kids are waiting for us! We are 5 minutes late! Sorry! Everything went well except my daughter as usual screamed whenever someone sing the birthday song. To show the protest she then hid herself under the table.. The teacher had to removed the bench and table just to get her out.. Hmmmm..

After 15 minutes I have to excused myself as I need to catch my flight. Had to stop at few petrol stations and shops to get Gardenia bread (I'm talking about 50 over pieces) to bring back as souvenir for my team and hotel staffs.

Anyway, all went well.. Alhamdulillah. 

Arianna, when you grow up and read Mommie's blog, Mommie just want to tell you how much Mommie love you, Adik and Daddy. Mommie willing to do anything for all of you... 

Happy Birthday again Princess... See you all in October!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sarawak's Batik

Lovely print

Cardigan Kaus by Marshella

Molek Pearl Stud earrings by Marshella Adornment

I just love the batik print and this is a local handmade! I am considering to use Sarawak's batik in Kaus designs. Going for fabric hunting soon! *excited mood*

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


This finger licking good known as "lelapan". Lapan means 8 (eight). We doesn't need a genius to know why it is called like that.

To have a complete lelapan, a plate must have a fried chicken (you can have cattle fish, meat, prawn), tauhu goreng, tempe, sambal, cucumber, yard long bean (ala kacang panjang), cabbage and cassava shoots (pucuk ubi kayu). All "lelapan" comes with white rice.

Average price in Miri for "lelapan" chicken is MYR9.

This is my FIRST choice whenever I out from the hotel for the dinner.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happy Malaysia Day!

On behalf of my team (working as usual babeh!), we would like to wish Happy Malaysia Day to our fellow Malaysian! Remember this, Malaysia strength is not our diversity, it is our ability to unite around the common principles even when we come from different parties or backgrounds. Jangan gadaikan maruah negara for your own interest. XXX

I love you Malaysia!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Happy 13th Anniversary!

13 years back, my boyfriend proposed me to be his girlfriend with a poem that I don't understand. Too complicated but he said it's a poetic words and I should get it if I am the one. Haha.. It took me 5 days to understand that he is actually courting me!


Baby, I may not a poetic person but just to let you know from the bottom of my heart that you are the only one that can makes me feel perfect. I wish and pray to Allah that everyday I wake up with the warmth of your breathe around me.

I love you.... Thank you for complete my life.

P/S: No One Else Comes Close

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Get Well Soon Sista!

I received sms from my sister last night to informed me that she were admitted due to bronchitis. My sister is having bad cough since last month.

Since she is a "Supermak", she took the medicine once a day. Yelah the ubat can make her drowsy so difficultlah to drive around to fetch her child or to the office.

Long, I hope you drink plenty of water. Selawat and doa before you drink since the molecule can change the shape to great crystal and cure your disease.*I'm not sure either but why don't you just follow*
Have a good rest, don't stress yourself on office matter (your company won't close if you are not there for few days).
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin Long!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Counting The Days... Miri Day 18

Finally I cooked ayam masak lemak cili api, salted fish perah asam limau and my special cecah kicap, at my team service apartment! Alhamdulillah.. Finger licking good!

Next week we are planning to go Muara to get fresh lobster for our weekend. I will cook butter style for the dinner.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Miri Day 15

I just want to share that I really miss my children and home... I barely eat (ok, itu tipu), I only spend time at my room. If management allow me to room service, then no one will see my face anywhere in the hotel. Arianna, Aariz and Sayang, Mommie miss you all so badly.... 16 more days to go before I can fly back for my daughter birthday.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style?

Op op op Oppa Gangnam Style~~~ Gangnam Style~~~

I had kPop fever few days back. Hehehe.. I have confession to make, I never knew the song that I sang over and over again in my office or public is the famous Oppa Gangnam Style. I read few FB status of my DJ's friend said they will not play the song in their club no matter what. Curiousity killed the cat, I FINALLY watched this ugly yet funny dance (from YouTube) and since that I kept on singing and errr dancing like PSY..

Oppa Gangnam Style is refers to a luxurious lifestyle assosiated with Gangnam district (an affluent and trendy area of Seoul) and Oppa means brother (big).

Op op op Oppa Gangnam Style~~~ Gangnam Style~~~

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Miri Day 11

Ikan Salai from MYR4.00 per GRAM!

The weather are so humid

The famous Sarawak vegetable (only in Sarawak), midin.

People in Miri are so nice and polite! They are very patient when I asked many questions about their weird sayur or buah. They even allowed me to take pictures! All these pictures taken in Tamu Kadazan (*tamu mean pasar/market) today. I learn a lot today. There is one time I got shocked when I saw the market people selling a dead cat. After I mentioned this to Michele (my admin) she then explained the thing that I saw a moment ago is not a cat but a jungle animal (she also not sure what they call in bahasa). But still, I can't bring myself to give a second look. Creepy!

Later, we straight to Boulevard to buy groceries and tapaw our lunch at Muara. This is when I saw the real fisherman came back from the sea and selling directly to the public. The lobsters are huge and 5 fresh lobsters selling at MYR16! How cool is that! My mom sure ask me to buy that for her if this news come to her ears. Hehe.. Sorry, no picture for the lobsters as I can't see my hand phone screen properly under the hot sun, It went dark! Haishhh..

Happy Birthday Mom!

Us during Aariz's aqiqah.

Happy birthday to my beloved Mama! I wish that all your dreams and wishes come true. I also hope that the rest of your long life is happy and healthy. Enjoy your day today to the fullest! I will bring you out when I came back from Miri.

I love you so much Mom. XXX