Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Two Weeks Leave

Sorry peeps no update since I started my leave but seriously I have no time (even to open my messages in my mobile). Very busy with house chores and kids.

I will try to update my activities in summary by tonight.

Ciao bella..

Monday, 22 October 2012

Kids New Ride

We have 2 strollers for both kids, Graco and Baby Jogger. Last night, I asked my husband to search for twin stroller as I need to bring Aariz whenever I fetch Arianna from her Montessori that not far from our place.

 Aariz love and enjoy this new ride, meanwhile Arianna refuse to be seated in the new stroller. Hmmmm..

Hello everybody! 

Bon Voyage Kak Ana..

Kak Ana is my helper since 2006 (before I get married) and still working for me until now. So yesterday she go back to her hometown for 2 weeks, after 6 years staying in KL.

We are definitely will miss you Kak, especially the kids...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm Home!

Miri Departure Hall 

Not for good. Only for 2 weeks leave as my helper will go back to her hometown in Indonesia starting from tomorrow.

When I reached home this evening it's already passed 8.30pm, usually my boy already asleep but I'm so happy to know that he waited for me (in a way lah). Mu kids expression are priceless! Arianna jumped from the sofa after hear my voice and Aariz being a drama king, started to cry.. What a welcome... 

Now that I'm back from travelling, it's time for me to get back to some thing that I love - wearing my apron high.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Marina Bay Lighthouse

My first lighthouse visit! Guess what? It's near with my home stay! Adoi! Never knew such a lovely place just near by the area. *shame*

Seahorse Lighthouse

This beautiful building used to be a restaurant. 

I have to take off my heels because it's a long way to the lighthouse (for me!)

Ocean marina with floating docks  for yachts and small boats.  

Seahorse as Miri's mascot

Outside the lighthouse

Thank God It's....

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Meritz Hotel

Went to Meritz Hotel Miri this evening with my other 2 stooges. Michele used to worked for this hotel before.  Meritz hotel is the latest four star business class hotel situated at the heart of Miri city. 

The hotel is still under soft opening and estimated to have their grand this coming December.

Special thanks to their team for the excellent service. That is what we called hospitality. Warm and great ambiance. 

M Signature (Revolving Restaurant & Bar). 4th revolving restaurant in Malaysia.

Meritz very own fine dining concept.

Sky Garden (Outdoor Dining).

Don't be surprise that her actual name is Love.

My 2 "stooges"

The view from the open concept restaurant

Monday, 15 October 2012

High Fever

Down with high fever this morning + gastric. My body aching and I felt so cold (Miri with the typical humid weather so feeling cold in the morning is not a good sign + I wore the cardigan as second clothes.

I force myself to wake up and get ready to work as the chances for me to collapse alone at my room is very high.

 I was given a pay cheque for my team salaries and need to cash it for them + get some medicine for myself.

For those who are close to me they know that I hate to go out in the afternoon. Can't stand the hot sun. I get migraine easily but yesterday this hot sun helped me a lot! I feel better! No more fever (only body ache and tired). 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Republic Beach, Miri.

Last night Michele and hubby brought us to this cool place called Republic Beach. I believe this is one of the happening place in Miri for family outing. This place have a complete facilities such as gym, rest rooms, public swimming pool (medium size, they charge MYR3 per head) with jacuzzi, cafe, bbq (at night , MYR15 per plate - chicken wing, satay, lamb),  basketball court (with lights for those who prefer to play in the evenings), badminton courts,  and a large beach front with shower facilities.

I seriously love this place so much! Oh ya, the floor at table setting area also made by wood. Nice touch! 

Jay (my staff from Sabah) planning to explore new place with similar concept, near with our hotel. Will upload the picture if we going there this evening.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

My Saturday

My activities in Miri on Saturday afternoon.

1. Work
2. Work
3. Work
4. Taking picture for my family update... This is the most enjoyable moment.

Errr.. This is not part of my work. Hehehe.. Just had my lunch with my team. Love this baby grand piano. Planning to get 1 once we have landed house.

Friday, 12 October 2012

8 More Days To Go!

Balik kampung! Ooooo oooo Balik kampung!

Yeay, can't wait to enjoy my 2 weeks leave! *EXCITED MODE* 

I want to lepak with my husband, kiddos, my parents, my sister, my brother (ok ok tipu, dengan anak2 buah) SILs, Cik ASAM, Gossip Girls!

This coming raya haji mesti happening gila because we are going to have bbq at my parents house, and my friends are invited! All in 1 place. I don't have to rush to meet everybody. =)

Wait for me ya Darling .. XOXO

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bubble Shooter

This is my new favourite game. I can woke up at 2.38 am (I mean now) just to play.

Straight forward, cute and simple game. Just like me. Hehehe... We don't need to have a PhD to play this.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Famous Natural Supplement

Just started my new natural supplement 2 weeks back and the result is awesome! My skin looks radiant, glowing and most important, flawless!

What is it?

It's a 100% pure marine collegen. This collegen helps rejuvenates and regenerates my tired body. It also smoothes, firm and tones my skin. I can't help to notice that it also visibly reduce my scar (haippp, don't be so kay po chee).

It has been widely used in Japan for many years as a natural supplement. People who use marine collagen claim it has various benefits, which include healthier bones and skin. I did my research and so pleased to know that there were so many benefits you can get from this. One of it, it can help reverse the effects of aging! This can also be beneficial for people who suffer from osteoporosis. If taken over a period of time, the absorption of calcium can be greatly increased.

The best part of this new supplement of mine, it's 100% pure, safe, HALAL and CHEAP! Market range per 100gram is around MYR30 to 40! That amount can last you for a month, Babe! I consume a Grade Triple A, violet (the BEST).

Well, since it is cheap, you must cook it by yourself. Some people do sell the cook version but you have to pay MYR10 or more from the actual price. I prefer to cook mine because I use mineral water.

Don't worry I will share the steps. I just help my stafff cooked last night.

First you need 1 packet of rock sugar if you want it to have a sweet taste. You can take this 3 times a day (each take 2 table spoons). You can also cook without the rock sugar. You may add this with any drinks, juices or cordial (Sunquick, Ribena), EXCEPT caffeine! Caffeine will absorb all the good protein that you get from the collegen (something like that lah, you read and do your own research too ok).

Second, you need the pure marine collegen, DUHHH! 
You have to wash this marine collegen like you wash the rice, soak 1 whole night, rinse and wash again. THEN, you can start  to cook. Don't throw the water! You can wash your face and body with that. Leave it dry. You will be amaze with the result, trust me.

Third, for 100gram collegen, you must have 2.5 to 3 litre water. As mentioned, I only use mineral water, Evian.

Fourth, get a big POT!

Then start la cooking. Don't you ever leave your POT! You must stir the collegen (ala macam masak agar2) all the time. Oh ya, if you want to have the sweet taste, then add the rock sugar (it will taste like buah kabung). I preferred the sweet version as I have sweet tooth.

After 20 minutes, once the rock sugar melting, your natural supplement also siap. It will look like this.

Wait until it's cool. Then place it in container and place it in your fridge.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Marshella Adornment in Hijabista!

Spotted our famous Tunggal Mother of Pearl Choker at Hijabista Magazine for Oct issue (get your copy to show your support)!  Thank you to Hijabista Editor, Suzi for the great oppurtunity! We felt honoured! 

Halloween, Miri Style.

Honestly speaking, I don't celebrate Halloween but when I received email from my VP that I need to decorate the office with Halloween theme, immediately I do my research with Mr Google.

This is the result...

Ha, this is my daily board. We have 10 more weeks to go before we wrap up this programme.

Simple decoration with limited sources, but I spend half of my day for this. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sleepless Night...

Lately (especially two days back) I'm getting less sleep. So many things going on in the office that need my full attention.

So this is how my eyes look like....

Panda eyes...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

CAN'T WAIT Listing

Can't wait for my 2 WEEKS LEAVE in two weeks time!

Can't wait to MOVE OUT from this hotel this weekend!

Can't wait to bring my CHILDREN TO LEGOLAND and holiday!

Can't wait to COOK for my kids!


Can't wait to have NEW HAIRCUT!