Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hula Girl

So my daughter had her first concert on 22 November 2012 at Royal Selangor Golf Club. Since I'm working in Miri, I have to take leave for a day just to attend and show my undivided support. 

The concert was on THURSDAY at 6.30PM! Well if you are KLites, you know what I'm talking about. Bloody traffic are madness!

When I was informed by Kak Ana (my helper), I asked her 3 times on the concert date, time and venue. I am confident that she must gave me the wrong info. It turn out that the concert is on weekday. Oh yes, one more thing, I get to know about the concert 1 week before the actual date.

I am so lucky my sister and husband helped me to sorted the costume. She has to get a full hula girl costume (that reminds me of my younger time, I did have the same costume theme when I'm 6 years old). Anyway... I definitely wont have the time to buy. I just fly back to KL for the concert and leave to Miri the next morning (which I missed the morning flight, bugger!).

Back to the concert.... We reached there at 6.20pm with my son, nephew and niece tag along. Men, my nephew and niece really can make me get a migraine. Running in the refreshment area where they can easily trample to the glasses or hot water. Pffffttt..

Luckily my sister and Pippa came on time and I basically just concentrate to the concert. Mind you, I am a short temper person that is one of the reason why my mom against the idea of me bringing both kids to the concert. Lesson learnt, BIG TIME.

Ok back to the concert. Arianna was looking around for her parents (we have to hide earlier because she can cry and be passive if she see us). Mommie being Mommie, I waved my hand to her excitedly despite all the talks that "Daddy you don't wave at her or she will never dance".

SHE DID CRIED AND RAN TO US! *claps my hands on my forehead few times*

My husband was really pissed at me. I can tell by the look. Hehe..

With Adik on my right side, I ushered Arianna back to the stage and she positively climb up and joined back her group. Errrrr only for awhile then she was busy admiring the microphone (she like singing so much!).

I told my husband that it is a great success to have her join the group and be on stage with the costume because I know she HATES to wore the fringe thingy and watched by hundreds eyes. I will share the video on my next post.

Kakak.... Mommie, Daddy and Adik so proud of you! Next year we try to improve ok? XOXO

Monday, 3 December 2012

New Hair Cut

Sunday, 2 December 2012