Friday, 25 January 2013

New Year, Not So New...

Errrr.. Happy New Year?

Recently I was transfered to Kota Bharu so as usual my schedule are quite packed for the first 1 month. 

So you know, many things happen since my last update. My son started school at age 2 years 2 months (I have to accompany him for few days before he can settle down), MIL was admitted in IJN (almost 40 days) and my 2 uncles passed away - Uncle Embe (my dad brother) and Pak Su (my husband uncle).

I seldom had the opportunity to write because when I had the time, back of my mind refuse to agreed. She screamed words - "I NEED REST, WOMEN. GIVE ME A BREAK!".

I will try to write often. Pfffftttt (that was from my mind)..